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Community Empowerment


About Community Empowerment Program

Community Empowerment program is started in 2015 by the decision of Kaw Dai 2004 annual meeting based on the needs of the society and democratic transition of the Myanmar. For decades, the country is failure to promote the democratization in many levels in the societies and it lead to immature democratic change mechanism likewise community organization and social institutions in the community.  Kaw Dai realized that in order to bring change and social harmony to the community and society as large; the powerful community organizations and institution is needed.

CEP Trainees

To promote social harmony in the society, the significant of community self-reliance whereby to sustain their interests, shared values and born of the society where they are coming together to address the common problems are very crucial. Consequently, in order to achieve the vision and missions the programs originate the following objectives and look into the five capitals (Social, Finance, Human, Natural and Physical) to enhance the community and society as a whole.


Empower the community organizations to become the backbone of the society.

Ultimate Goal

Promote community self-reliance and bring the organizations together to address social problems.


1. To boost the existing community organizations function very well for the betterment of the society

2. To nurture the community organization based on the needs of the community

3. To federate the community organizations to come together to address the common social                     problems

4. Linking available resources to develop the community

5. To facilitate in reforming and developing the governing policy in the society

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