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About Shan Community College

Kaw Dai is a non-profit organization which was founded with the aim of implementing education and sustainable development and promoting peace and democracy across Shan society. Based in Loi Tai Li in the town of Karli, Kaw Dai was established in 1999. Within 17 years of pursuing its mission, Kaw Dai has successfully founded a Shan National School offering nursery and elementary education and a school of youth capacity building in Karli. In addition to this, it has established the Yangon based Shan Intensive English Course which prepares students to join universities abroad and a Lashio based Sustainable Livelihood Center, which organizes short-term training programs not only in Shan but also in Kachin State. Finally, it has also been welcoming students to the Community Empowerment Program in Southern Shan State.



  • Lifelong learning is to create opportunities for family bread winners, teachers, social workers, older people, and people who are out of school for so long to back to school. Lifelong learning is to support individuals in the communities throughout their lives span.

  • Student Success: Bridging to international education is to help students in achieving their academic and career goals. Students who want to pursue degree abroad and students who want to access better job need a space to prepare their literature and academic skills.

  • To become a significant partner for the Tai communities in providing lifelong learning opportunities with international recognized education.

  • Sustainable Tai communities through education and to become a significant partner for the Tai communities in providing lifelong learning opportunities with international recognized education.


Advisory Board

Core Values, Belief,


Academic Council

Strategic Planning

Initiatives Committee

Curriculum Development + Accreditation

Faculty and Staff Professional Development

College Students Affairs Committee

How the college function?

  • Certificate and accreditation from partner academic institution.

  • Affiliated program with partner institutions in Thailand.  Credit transfer to the 4 years undergrad bachelor degree. Credit transfer to a partner universities in Thailand.

  • Pre-University the role of SCC is to prepare academic skills, critical thinking skills and others components that needed for students in Myanmar to seek university abroad.

  • Certificate Shan language & literature courses and skill trainings.


Advisory Board

Advisory Board consists of Shan experts, donors, community leaders and persons from related department altogether 9 members.

The role of Advisory Board members are to provide vision, mission, and long term expectation of teaching-learning at college.


  • Attend annual meeting

  • Provide guidance, leadership

  • Provide ideas for sustainability of funding

Academic Council

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