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Shan Community College

SCC students teamwork

Our Targeted Students

  • Failed and Drop out- High School failed is around 70% over the past few years. Majority of students failed the exam and drop out from the school. College aim to remediate, numeral skills so that they are able to continue tertiary education.


  • Students from non-state education sector protracted civil war left many children behind in education and many public services. There are many kinds of non-state sectors providing education alternatively. These children has no access to higher education and other opportunities for their future.


  • Post high school high school graduated from public school needs preparation to continue further study abroad or to prepare better career ahead. The role of SCC is to prepare academic skills, critical thinking and creative thinking skills, group work and presentation skills before they seek university abroad.


  • Elder or old adult to create space for learning for busy mother, father, grandfather, grandmother. To supplement knowledge, skills and exposure to new ideas and techniques to assist in their careers.

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