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Community Learning Center

Sustainable Livelihood Center

Sustainable Livelihood Center

Along with the politics, economics, and ethnic identity struggles, the lives of people who are supposedly belong to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar brought up in the maze of problems. The complicated problems are very hard to be resolved.  But there must be a way!

In any circumstances the grassroots are not benefiting from any agenda of the political and economical changes. Therefore, the Community Learning was established in 2012 in order to assist the citizens with the information that they need and help them leverage their lives.


To have Peace and Justice in the society through the participation of the grassroots in the decision making process.


To empower the people of Shan State to be able to aware the situation around them and solve the problems collectively.


  1. Empower citizens to solve the problems collectively  

  2. Promote the local Civil Society Organizations

  3. Open Community Learning Centre

  4. Achieve Sustainable Livelihood in Shan State based on local wisdom, knowledge and skills


Empower citizens to solve the problems collectively  

Under this objective, the outreach programs are the main activities. Overall, the outreach programs are aim to educate the grassroots about the federalism, democracy and human rights principles.  Knowing the basic information can help the villagers alter the situation.


Promote the local Civil Society Organizations

The villagers were brought up under the oppression of many circumstances such as politics, economics, and armed conflicts and so on. Standing up against those forces require collective forces. This objective is to encourage people working with one another for the benefit of the society rather than standing alone.


Open Community Learning Centre

Outreach programs have limitations. Sometimes, people who are in need are not included in the list. Therefore, having a Community Learning Centre is to overcome this limitation. People who need support on information, ideas and techniques have the place to access the information.

Achieve sustainable livelihood in Shan State based on local wisdom, knowledge, and skills

Mainly, the population in Shan States relies on Agriculture sector. The trend of the agricutlre is shifting form subsistence agriculture to mono-crop agriculture.

However, there are local wisdom, knowledge, and skills that can be promoted to insist the livelihood.

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