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Shan Community College

Application form

Requirements for Admission

Shan Community College provide remedial education for high school students who are academically not ready to continue their higher education abroad.

  •  Minimum Grade 10 or completed at National School

  • Minimum TOEFL 350

  • Recommendations letter from village leaders proving that you are not drug addict

  • Medical checkup report  

Application Process

You may submit your application at any time during the year. An admission decision is normally made one month before semester is started. Freshmen students can begin their 1st Semester in September. For students who need full scholarship or partial scholarship, we recommend completing your application at least 3 months before semester start.

Admission requirements and how to apply

  • Application sent through email (to waive 30,000 kyats for application fee).

  • High School completed certificate or proof that you have attended high school

  • Pre-Intermediate level of English language skills  

  • Personal Essay that demonstrates your motivation, commitment and readiness for college.

  • One letter from your community leader to prove that you are not drug addict.

  • One letter from your teacher to prove that you are dedicated in learning

Evaluation of your application

We look for evidence of your potential to be successful at Community College. Primary consideration is given to your willingness to improve yourself, result from entrance test and interview and finally your motivation, commitment and readiness for college life.


The college campus is located in Loi Dai Li, Karli Township, Southern Shan State. It takes 6 hours from Taunggyi with minivan. The minivan from Taunggyi usually depart around 8:00 am in the morning daily. Students are provided share dormitory and kitchen. The on-campus facilities allow students to gain the knowledge and skills that they will need for their future career.

Financial and fees per semester

There are 2 semesters in each academic year. Students are required to pay for Admission fee two weeks before each semester start (August and February). Fee waiver and partial scholarship for highly dedicated students.

1st & 2nd Year (Per Semester - 5  Months)

1st & 2nd Year (Per Semester - 5  Months)

3rd Year (10 Months)

3rd Year (10 Months)

1st-2nd-3rd Year

1st-2nd-3rd Year

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