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Shan Community College

Kaw Dai Organisation

Our College's History

Since its inception in 2009, the English Intensive Program has successfully prepared 113 students to study abroad. Out of 113 students, 32 students have won scholarships. Some of these scholarship holders have already finished their studies abroad, and the rest are still studying at foreign universities. Drawing on 17 years of working experience in education, and having implemented the above-mentioned programs with great success, Kaw Dai believes that it is now ready to open a Shan Community College which could provide Shan society with the quality education which is currently not accessible in the rural and conflicted affected areas of Myanmar.

References from the survey questionnaires on the establishment of Shan Community College over 1000 people participated through online, phone answer and face-face interviews. 100% people we interviewed strongly supported the establishment of Shan Community College and they would support in establishing the college in any capacity they could. For these very reasons, Shan Community College was established in September 2017.

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