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Shan Intensive English Program


Kaw Dai had come to a sense that in order to build up a better community, only willingness and desire is not enough and that the communities need technicians and expertise in all areas, committed and skillful leaders and at the same time, we realize that we need to find good opportunities for the Shan youths in the rural area while they cannot access good education as youths in the cities. Though we have this idea in mind for a very long time, we could not start the program until 2009 because of the several difficulties. On March 2009, Kaw Dai started its Intensive English Program with 11 students from different regions of Shan State in Yangon.


Where and Why

In order to recruit international volunteers and qualified local teachers into the program Yangon is the most suitable place in Myanmar for Kaw Dai to start the program. Yangon has great learning environment, many book stores, libraries, newsletters and good communication channel than any other places which are crucial for quality learning. More importantly, it’s a good place to break the barriers of inferior complex and lack of self-confidence of the students from conflict and remote areas of Shan State by exploring and getting to know others culture and tradition to boost their motivation to learn and to grow.

Who start the school

Shan Intensive English Program was one of the programs of Kaw Dai Organization. With assistance of the coordinator of Kaw Dai Organization, Sai Phong Khong, Nang Haeo Hseng started the Shan Intensive English Program in Yangon. She, herself also attended classes at American Center to improve her English skills during running the program. We were able to run the program smoothly with the assistance and cooperation with Teach for Myanmar.



Unlike the other programs of Kaw Dai Organization, the Intensive English program receives English Native Speakers to teach the students. Luckily, we have so many of them who are willing to volunteer in our program. Started from 2009, we have so far volunteers from the Netherlands, United States, Canada, Columbia, Philippines, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, French and Italy. We sometimes invite local guest speakers to our class.



Only those who have finished their class at Internship Program of Kaw Dai Organization can join the Intensive English Program. Students are from different regions of Shan State, Kachin State, Mondalay division, and Pegu division. Students receive free education, accommodation, foods and basic needs from the program.



The Intensive English Program receives its funding from the community, Shan business men and Euro-Burma Office.


Our achievements

From 2009 to 2014, 80 students had successfully graduated from the Intensive English Program.

Our History

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