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Kaw Dai Organization

Time Line : Kaw Dai Organization

We Do More Than Just Movement

Kaw Dai is a community based organization and mainly based in Shan State, Burma/Myanmar with the aim of promoting democracy and justice by educating and empowering grassroots communities on basic knowledge of political, economic, social issues through young community organizers.


Kaw Dai is the brainchild of two Shan Youth, Sai Phong Khong and his friend Sai Hseng Pha who worked as migrant workers in Chaing mai, Thailand. They got to join the training on ‘community organizing’ in Bangkok in 1998 and after that decided to come back to Shan State to start doing something from what they had learned. The organization was established right after the first training they conducted and there were 11 members in 1999. Since then the organization recruit its members by training more youth from different part of Shan State and now it has nearly 400 members with Kaw Dai.


We strongly believe that positive and concrete social change can be brought about by the society itself. We stand for the grassroots communities and empower them in order to be able to participate in decision making process from local to national level. We also believe that freedom, equality and justice for Shan society can only be achieved by when Shan people are striving and fighting for it. Peace is not a good selling in the market which in exchange needs long term commitment, hard work and dedication.

Our History

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