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NS Students

National School

NS students dancing Shan traditional dance

National School's History

During the time of 1996 to 2000, there was severe military offensiveness that created many human right violations in central and southern Shan State. Because of tension in fighting, the Burmese military army tortured civilian by means of accusing people as informant for the Shan State Army (South). Thus, cities turned to be villages and villages became camps. Crops were died off, roads were severe for transportation, and ten to hundreds of schools were burnt down. As the biggest issue, many villages and towns people were forced to relocate. For IDPs children, there were no school (local instability is the cause), and no local human resources. The lack of basic healthcare service, nutrition caused serious failure in mental and physical development of the children. And worst, children lost their future. Leaders and parents dreamt for a basic education just appropriate to their children to use in life that time.

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